Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Explore With Us

Explore with Us (Birth to 6 years)

View our online how to videos instructed by our EarlyON facilitators in exploring literacy, numeracy and science activities. We will create, problem solve, and gain a stronger understanding of our world through play. ​

Mountain Lights Activity

Mountain Lights is a colourful landscape activity.
Items needed:
  • Water, food colouring, scissors, paper towels, glue, containers (ice cube trays or cups).
  • Pre cut landscape.
  • Mix food colouring into water.
  • Dab colour onto folded paper towel.
  • Let dry.
  • Glue landscape onto paper towel.

Sticker Name Activity

Looking for an activity to do with your children today? Try our sticker name art, this activity encourages the use of fine motor skills and creativity as well as letter and name recognition.
Items needed:
  • Paper, markers, stickers.

  • Write children’s or family members names or words on a large piece of paper.
  • Have the children place their favourite stickers on top of the lines.

Mystery Paint Activity

Here’s a fun art craft to try today using white crayons and watercolour paint. If you don’t have access to watercolour, just use watered down children’s paint. This activity promotes use of colour exploration and fine motor skills.
Items needed:
  • Thick paper (Card stock), Paint brush, Water colour (watered down paint), Paint container, White crayon.
  • Use the white crayon to draw a picture, make sure to apply pressure for the image to be clear.
  • Use gentle strokes of water colour over the paper to reveal your hidden image.
    Allow time for the water colour to dry.

Shake It Up Activity

Shake up your day with our shake it up art activity. This is an easy mess free craft for all ages to enjoy. Children get to explore colour theory and sound while exercising their gross motor skills.

Items needed:
  • Paper, container with a lid, paint, loose parts.

  • Place paper inside of the container.
  • Add in loose parts (rocks, marbles, gems etc) 
  • Pour a variety or bright paint colours into the container.
  • Firmly close the lid.
  • Shake container in all directions until desired effect.
  • Add decorations to your artwork if desired.

Math Sticks Activity

Practice math skills with math sticks. A simple and open ended way to learn number concepts!
Items needed:
  • Popsicle sticks, markers
  • Create dots on popsicle sticks that correspond to the number.
1. Count & Match: Count the dots and place that amount of objects under it.
2. Hidden number: Cover the number with your finger and have the children count the dots, than reveal the covered number. 
3. Number jumble: Mix up the sticks and have your children place them in order.
4. 3D numbers: Portray the number on the sticks with 3D objects.
5. Addition: Add sticks together and use objects to show the total amount.

Math Race 
Math race
Looking for an easy interactive math game to play? Grab some dice and your favourite toy as your characters and get ready to roll!
Items needed:
  • Dice, characters, track (coasters, books, paper, etc)
  • Build a track using any objects found around the house.
  • Select a toy or object to use as your characters.
  • Roll the dice and move your characters accordingly.

Don’t forget to create a variety of tracks with different lengths and include more dice to add a challenge.

Easy Rain Sticks

Easy Rain Stick

Save this one for a rainy day! This is our guide on building an easy rain stick with your children.
Items needed: 
  • Paper towel rolls, seeds or small loose objects, tape, scissors, paper, aluminum foil.
  • Tape one end of the tube closed.
  • Roll up aluminum foil and place inside of the tube.
  • Add in loose parts.
  • Seal the opposite end of the tube.
  • Wrap the tube with paper.
  • Tape the paper down on both ends.
  • Add decorations to your rain stick.

Fireworks Paint Activity
Fireworks paint
Want to light up your artwork? Here’s how you can create fireworks with paint, tubes, and paper.
Items needed: 
  • Paint, black paper, cardboard tubes, scissors
  • Cut lines around the tubes at various lengths.
  • Fold the strips outwards.
  • Dip the tubes into you paint.
  • Dab the tube onto the paper.
  • Layer your colours for a fireworks effect.

How to make Playdoe

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