Monday, April 27, 2020

Explore With Us - Homemade Goop

Explore With Us - Homemade Goop
Here is a sensory art activity to try. Homemade Goop.
Corn starch (Corn flour), Water, Food colouring, Mixing bowl
Step 1: Pour 2 cups of corn starch (corn flour) into a large mixing bowl.
Step 2: Add 6 drops of food colouring to 1 cup of water.
Step 3: Pour the coloured water into the corn starch (corn flour).
Step 4: Mix together using rubber spatula.
Note: To increase quantity, follow a two part corn starch (corn flour) to one part water ratio.

Explore With Us - Tree Painting

Explore With Us - Tree Painting

Looking for an art activity to do with your children. Try creating a multi-colored tree. You will need: Tree branch, Kid friendly paint, Paint brushes, Sand or Dirt, Bucket or Container.
Step 1: Find a branch in the backyard or on a walk.
Step 2: Fill bucket or container with dirt or sand.
Step 3: Secure the branch in the dirt or sand.
Step 4: Using a brush, apply kid friendly paint all over the branch.
Step 5: Let the paint dry.
Don't forget to share your tree!

Parent and Child Food Education Activity
Cedar is a sacred medicine. The tea of simmered branches is used to treat fevers and rheumatic complaints, chest colds, and flu. Stay healthy and try some today, below are the instructions. A friendly reminder to leave tobacco when harvesting cedar and thank mother earth.

Parent and Child Food Education Activity

Looking for a healthy snack option for you and your kids. Try baking this Berrylicious Muffin Recipe with your little ones. Stay tuned to our social media for more fun activities to keep you busy with your children. 

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